Monday, 20 July 2015


Here I am Rune
Distance 2.9 miles
Total 1341 Locks 70 Tunnels
Running total mileage 1901.2 miles 

As anticipated we are now in Thorne on the town moorings about 300yards from the shops. Interesting coming into Thorne where we passed under the M18 bridge, a road that we have passed over on many occasions without being remotely aware that there was a canal underneath us.

Now for a short break from narrow-boating.

Sunday, 19 July 2015


Here I am Rune
Distance 3.1 miles
Total 1340 Locks 70 Tunnels
Running total mileage 1898.3 miles
Another gentle day’s cruising to bring us as far as Stainforth, the reason for this was that we noted that the Visitor Mooring in Thorne was only 24 hour and if we’d gone there today we’d have had to stay for 48 hours. Once again the wind has been a bit of a nuisance today although it was, fortunately, coming from behind. It’s OK when travelling along but becomes more of an issue when it is necessary to stop for locks or swing bridges. At the Bramwith Swing Bridge I decided to use a moored CRT workboat as the lock landing since the actual lock mooring itself was in a corner that was very much a lee shore and getting back off it would have been interesting to say the least.

Tomorrow we should be into Thorne. 

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Barnby Dun

Here I am Rune
Distance 4.7 miles
Total 1339 Locks 70 Tunnels
Running total mileage 1895.2 miles

A particularly gentle day today of 4.7 miles and one lock, although the wind made it a bit more testing that strictly necessary. In honesty we don’t have any real reason to rush since we have until Tuesday to get to Thorne which is only about 7 miles away (plus 2 locks and 4 swing bridges). Just out of interest to find out where the marina is in Thorne I took a bike ride there from here at Barnby Dun, about 5.5 miles each way. Part of the reason for the ride was for a bit of physical exercise as well. Eventually found the marina but still not entirely sure how. I stopped at a marina above Thorne road bridge to ask for directions and all the guy in there could tell me was that I needed to go over the road bridge but he wasn’t sure where you went from there. Eventually found it but by then all the staff had gone home so my hope of finding out where they wanted me to moor was in vain.

The ride back to Barnby Dun was interesting since, as I passed Thorne Golf Club three little oiks aged between 9 and 11 came riding their bikes out of the car park, whether they’d been screwing the cars or nicking the golf ball is anyone’s guess (oh those stereotypes!), but it would be fair to say that if I had seen them looking over the boat I would have kept a very wary eye on them. Anyway as I caught them up the youngest, who was riding one of these ridiculous ‘stunt’ bikes much loves by some kids called out “Oi Grandad, want a race?”. Now I was always told by a good solicitor friend never to ask any question that I didn’t already know the answer to, a lesson that this particular ‘oik’ has just learned. I replied, “Yeah, OK, if you want” to prove that whilst growing old is compulsory, growing up is only optional. I gently increased my pace to about 12mph in the face of quite a strong headwind and the three of them tried to race. The muppet on the ‘stunt’ bike with one fixed gear hadn’t got chance since his little legs would go into meltdown trying to keep up with anyone on a bike with gears, his second friend was riding a pretty run down mountain bike that he had difficulty in getting it to stay in gear, only one of them was riding a halfway decent mountain bike. It was this third one who could keep up with me. Since it was quite windy I took advantage of this to tuck in behind him so that he sheltered me from the wind however, every time he tried to slow down I moved out to overtake him so he felt obliged to increase speed again. After about 500 metres his two friends were about 200 metres behind us and after about 800 metres they were 400 metres behind us at which point the little oik looked back and said,”F*ck that” and stopped to wait for them to catch up. By the time I reached Stainforth they were out of sight on a straight section of road where it was possible to see for about half a mile. The moral of the story being before challenging anyone on anything it is always best to know their history, before retirement I would quite happily go off on a 100km bike ride and in earlier years have cycled from Lands End to John O’ Groats so a couple of 9 – 11 year olds were, shall we say, easy meat. I’m sure one day I’ll learn to grow up!!

Once again we had the dear old Humber Princess come past us again, now empty and going a bit faster (well enough to rock us).
Humber Princess passing our little Rune!

Friday, 17 July 2015


Here I am Rune
Distance 8 miles
Total 1338 Locks 70 Tunnels
Running total mileage 1890.5 miles

Well we’ve had quite an interesting sort of day travelling from Mexborough through to Doncaster. I have been tracking the whereabouts of the oil tanker, Humber Princess, to try to avoid meeting it on the river or canal if possible. Today we had the opportunity for a safe close-up view of it whilst we were at Sprotborough Lock, we were securely moored up on the lock landing. An additional point of interest was that Ed Milliband also turned up (I didn’t realise he was into boats!). It was certainly interesting watching the tanker fit into the lock, there isn’t a lot of spare room in the lock once it is in! Also once they lifted the top paddles to fill the lock the skipper had to give the engine quite a few revs to stop the boat being pushed back onto the bottom gates (the bows being held by a rope to stop it going forward. Apparently crew was told by a Lock keeper that it is possible to have a passage on the boat from Goole to Rotherham as a passenger, certainly an interesting way to travel.
Humber Princess heading towards RUNE...

.....change of direction....

....and missing it comfortably!

Tomorrow we’ll be moving on to Barnby Dun

Ed Milliband....

.....helping out at the Lock!

Thursday, 16 July 2015


Here I am Rune
Distance 7.7 miles
Total 1335 Locks 70 Tunnels
Running total mileage 1882.5 miles

Once again moored back at Mexborough to give relative an opportunity to come for a short canal trip between Mexborough Top Lock and Mexborough Low lock. The weather held up quite well for the day, reasonable sunshine when travelling up to Mexborough and bright whilst doing the canal excursion. Only slight irritation was that after we had the canal trip we adjourned to a nearby pub for a pint and whilst we were there some local oik thought it would be a ‘laugh’ to release the mooring lines of the boat, fortunately the wind was in our favour and, although it turned the boat around, it didn’t drift out onto the canal.

Tomorrow a slightly longer day to get us to Doncaster Visitor moorings.