Tuesday, 31 July 2018


Here I am Rune
Distance  3.8 miles 
Total 3363 Locks  185 Tunnels
Running total mileage 4818.0 miles

A fairly gentle day taking us only from Dunhampstead down here to Blackpole on the outskirts of Worcester. We could have continued in to the city but since I need to be there on Thursday and the mooring is only for 48 hours we need to arrive tomorrow to be able to stay until Friday. There were only 7 locks to do today so not a particularly hard day, and tomorrow will be much the same, 3 miles into Worcester and 7 locks to go through.

Monday, 30 July 2018


Here I am Rune
Distance  2.5 miles 
Total 3356 Locks  185 Tunnels
Running total mileage 4814.2 miles

Well, after nearly a month away, we are back on board and back on the move. The trip away was initially going to be a sailing holiday but, for various reasons, that had to be written off so I set about another project, to walk the South West Coast Path. Rather unwisely I set about this project on one of the hottest summers in recent years. In the heat I managed to walk from Poole to Weymouth but, given the amount of water that was being drunk (3/4 gallon a day) decided to delay further walking until the weather cooled down a bit. I managed a few local forays onto the Coast Path and in the time away managed to complete 78 miles of it, that just leaves 551 miles to go!

Once back on the boat have almost done the reverse of the last trip we made before going away, but instead of going as far as Tibberton, it started to rain so we stopped at Dunhampstead. We are heading down to Worcester again and then out onto the Severn heading towards Gloucester and Sharpness.