Sunday, 19 May 2019


Here I am Rune
Distance  6.2 miles
Total 3604 Locks  226 Tunnels
Running total mileage 5289.2 miles

A fairly straightforward run through into Salthouse Dock today and, unlike last time we were here, it wasn’t blowing a gale coming in. It is relatively easy coming in despite the fact that now we have to operate all of the locks ourselves but at least having been here before, we did know where we were going.

We got to the top of Stanley locks a bit early since I wasn’t sure whether it was noon or 1pm that they unlocked them, it turned out it was 1pm although I did have stuff to do whilst waiting, like removing a whole ball of weed that had wrapped itself around the prop whilst stopping and manoeuvring on the lock moorings. I say lock moorings loosely  since there isn’t much in the way of actual moorings. One ring to moor to and bollards that are the other side of a quite busy towpath so if you moor onto one of them there is a good chance of throttling a cyclist as he/she runs into the mooring line. We eventually went into the lock itself to moor up since there are bollards in there that don’t inconvenience anyone.

We now have a week’s stay in Liverpool to visit the bits we may have missed last time, which was amazingly, 4 years ago now.

Saturday, 18 May 2019


Here I am Rune
Distance  10.1 miles
Total 3598 Locks  223 Tunnels
Running total mileage 5283 miles

A straightforward trip today, the last in the schedule to get to Liverpool, taking us to Litherland Visitor moorings which, by all accounts, is about an hour and a half from the top of Stanley Locks at Eldonian Basin so, barring any disasters, we should be in Salthouse Dock about 3 hours after leaving here.

The only comment of note regarding today’s trip is that there certainly seemed to be a lot of swing bridges to operate. Last time we came through CRT operated the swing bridges but now it is all self operated until we get to Stanley Locks and go down into Liverpool Docks. It is interesting that a number of years ago the section of canal we have just travelled on was covered by British Waterways workers (as they were then) riding ‘shotgun’ on the boats to prevent problems with youths on the way. Today everyone seemed to be very friendly and sociable, even to to extent that we helped a couple of fishermen out who had cast their bait dropper and got it caught up in a tree on the opposite bank, we cut it down and returned it to them for which they seemed quite grateful.

With Coxhead Swing bridge being out of action and not due to  open again until Monday, we were the only boat on the move today all the way from Maghull to Litherland. The moorings here were pretty full so I pulled onto the service moorings to top up the water tank and empty the Elsan and, whilst we were there another boat moved off, so we rapidly nabbed the mooring spot. Sadly he returned about 30 minutes later but seemed happy and said that he was leaving anyway, so we were able to stay on the mooring.

Tomorrow it’ll be down to Salthouse Dock for the week.

Friday, 17 May 2019


Here I am Rune
Distance  5.6 miles
Total 3598 Locks  223 Tunnels
Running total mileage 5272.9 miles

Today’s trip was intentionally a short hop since the primary purpose of the exercise was to get through Coxhead Swing Bridge (Bridge 20) which, due to damage caused by vandalism, is only opened on Mondays and Fridays at noon. Since we needed to be the Liverpool side of the bridge to complete our passage into Salthouse Dock on Sunday it was imperative that we got through Bridge 20 today. Having done so we moored for the night at Bridge 18 since we now have a couple of days to kill before going into Liverpool docks.

The weather was much as forecast, a bit of rain this morning and drying up this afternoon. I did debate whether to go to the Morrisons supermarket at Maghull or wait until we get to Litherland tomorrow where there is a large Tesco store, opted to wait until tomorrow, particularly as the Tesco is alongside the canal (Morrisons would have been a mile and a half walk).