Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Grindley Brook

Here I am Rune

Distance 0.7 miles 

Total 4527 Locks  288 Tunnels

Running total mileage 6,807.1miles

Well that was a short day’s travel! We got as far as Grindley Brook and then found out that Quoisley Lock is out of action so it’s looks like we’ll be waiting here until it’s fixed. There is some uncertainty of when that is going to happen, the lock-keepers at Grindley Brook apparently think it should be fixed tomorrow whilst the guy wrapping Quoisley lock in the ubiquitous warning tape thinks it’ll be several days, so somewhere between the two I guess. There are worse places to be stuck I suppose.


Monday, 25 October 2021


Here I am Rune

Distance 5.5 miles 

Total 4527 Locks  288 Tunnels

Running total mileage 6,806.4miles

Have to say I do like the Whixall Moss mooring, out of earshot of road traffic and the only thing to ‘disturb’ the night were wildlife noises, owls, Canada Geese and a variety of other noises that I couldn’t distinguish. It is also a good location for viewing the night sky although last night the moon was out which tends to restrict the view a bit, I did manage to see Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune so that was at least half a ‘win’.

Coming away from Whixall Moss we seemed to catch a ‘convoy’ all going in our direction, the advantage however was that out of the 5 lift bridges we passed through, we only had to work 2 of them.

Not sure how far we’ll go tomorrow, either Marbury or Wrenbury would be my guess.


Sunday, 24 October 2021

Whixall Moss

Here I am Rune

Distance 6.8 mile

Total 4527 Locks  288 Tunnels

Running total mileage 6,800.9miles

So it was Sunday that we decided to move on after doing all of the domestic stuff (filled with water, dumped the rubbish,etc). It was a bit of a late start as the water point wasn’t that quick and we have come across quite a few hire boats on the move today, some of whom would appear to be first- timers. There was a bit of shouting taking place when a boat coming the other way bumped a moored boat as he passed it, but looking at it impartially I’d say that the moored boat wasn’t in the cleverest position, on a bend opposite a bush obscuring some of the view. I’d have to say that hire boat could have missed the moored boat, but he was obviously a beginner and some account needs to be given for inexperience. Essentially it was just one of those things and not worth getting as excited about as the moorer did.

We are back moored in the quiet of Whixall Moss which, I seem to recall last time we moored here is about 2 Km from the nearest main road so it should be a quiet night.