Sunday, 30 August 2015


Here I am Rune
Distance 5.6 miles
Total 1430 Locks 71 Tunnels
Running total mileage 1974.8 miles 

We are now moored up outside of The Gate Inn at Clarborough which, as planned is east of Retford. There seems as though there was a bit more water in the canal coming back down as the section between here and Whitsunday Pie Lock was very slow and weed choked going up but we didn’t have to go down the weed hatch at all coming back (although I did have to reverse a few times to throw minor obstructions off the prop). 

The only problem now is that we are slightly behind the schedule I was hoping to follow which was to be at West Stockwith by Tuesday in the hope of seeing an Aegir coming through, to do that would involve quite a long day’s travel tomorrow of 12 miles and 4 locks, not an impossible call but then the forecast is pretty dire with rain. We’ll have to see how we get on.

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