Tuesday, 13 June 2017


Here I am Rune
Distance 4.2 miles
Total 2688 Locks  127 Tunnels
Running total mileage 3706 miles 

Despite the previous reports we’ve had of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal, so far we’ve had no major issues with it. There are bit that are shallow but that is a problem throughout the system. We’ve comfortably made it to our intended destination of Uppermill and we will now stay here until Thursday when we will cover the last few locks up to the tunnel. 

The record shows that we only did one tunnel today but by my reckoning it should be two since as we got into Uppermill there is a bridge called High Street bridge that is as long as a few tunnels I’ve been through (certainly longer than Broad Street Tunnel in Birmingham). It should fall under the heading since I had to put my tunnel light on to see where I was going, and only just put it on in time to realise that there was a kink in the tunnel and I was going to hit the side!

The one point of interest of the recorded tunnel we did (Scout Tunnel) was the fact that I clearly disturbed a colony of bats as I went through since there were half a dozen fluttering around in the middle of the tunnel.

Tomorrow will be a day off, the forecast is OK and I think I may well go tothe Saddleworth Leisure Centre for a swim.
One of the 'dark satanic mills' alongside the canal (now flats)

Sad I know but I photographed this lock gate because I've never seen a gate leak so little


  1. Hope you enjoy the Huddersfield narrow - we loved it (June 2015) in spite of dodgy water levels and shallow edges

    1. Yes, we've been pleasantly surprised (so far). We've reached Uppermill and go up to the tunnel tomorrow. My big fear at the moment is getting RUNE (60 feet) down through Hudd Broad and Calder and Hebble (fingers crossed)