Thursday, 15 June 2017


Here I am Rune
Distance 1.6 miles
Total 2699 Locks  127 Tunnels
Running total mileage 3707.6 miles 

After yesterday’s day off we’ve completed the final section to get to Standedge Tunnel today, fairly easy run from Uppermill to Standedge in about 2 ¾ hours. So we are now prepared for the big day tomorrow to get through Standedge Tunnel itself. It is a bit daunting since it is twice the length of Harecastle Tunnel and the information board at the entrance gives a passage time of 2 hours.

Tomorrow morning we’ll need to prepare the boat for the tunnel which involves removing the cratch cover (it’s bound to be raining!) and taking everything out of the top boxes and storing it all (including the boxes) inside the boat.

And this is the tunnel entrance......

......with a view into the murky depths

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