Monday, 21 May 2018

Perry Barr

Here I am  Rune
Distance  8.6 miles 
Total 3129 Locks  164 Tunnels
Running total mileage 4638.5 miles

As expected, today was a bit like hard work, quite a few locks in hot sunshine made it seem harder. I may have erred in not taking in enough fluid either since by the end of the flight I had rather run out of oomph. We have however reached out intended destination, the top of the Perry Barr flight and from here things should be relatively easy out to Brownhills by about Wednesday.

The day’s route didn’t really pass through Birmingham’s finest areas, it went under Gravelly Hill (Spaghetti Junction) which was pretty deafening. It is the only place on the canal system I can recall the traffic noise drowning out the sound of the diesel throbbing beneath my feet. On this section we also passed the memorial to the Policeman, DC Michael Swindells who was stabbed to death at the location by coincidence on this exact day (May 21st) in 2004. 

Passing under an old Birmingham factory.....

......actually right under the factory

Passing through Gravelly Hill (Spaghetti Junction)

The memorial to DC Michael Swindells


  1. Good to read about someone else going this way! We were there in 2016 I think, and also clocked the memorial to DC Swindells - I dimly remembered the case on the news. Which way are you going at the next junction?

    1. Hi, I recalled the case as I was working in the job at the time. I have also looked up the circumstances on the internet and it still makes me angry about the failure of the mental health services that resulted in this incident.

      At the moment we're moored at the top of Perry Barr locks but tomorrow we're off up the Rushall heading out to Brownhills. I've signed up for the BCN Challenge so hope to start on Saturday Morning at Anglesey basin (assuming it isn't packed when we get there!).