Tuesday, 15 May 2018


Here I am  Rune
Distance  11.1 miles 
Total 3089 Locks  163 Tunnels
Running total mileage 4611.2 miles

Once again another glorious cruising day in hot sunshine. Today has been busier however with a lot more boats on the move, particularly now that we are back onto the Coventry Canal. Partly as a result of the extra boats on the move, I managed to make quite a grounding today which took me the best part of 15 minutes to get afloat again from. Whilst passing the moorings in Burton Hastings I met a boat coming from the other direction, a regular occurrence. What then seems to have happened however was that I ran over a ‘spit’ of mud on the bottom of the canal and came to a halt. The mud was holding up the middle of the boat which meant that when I pushed the stern out, the bow came and when I pushed the bow out, the stern came as we were pivoting about the centre point of the boat. Eventually after a lot of pushing and heaving, with some reverse drive on the propeller we managed to get free and allowed the passage of the 4 boats that had built up waiting to get through. These things happen!

Tomorrow we’ll be back to locking, down through the Atherstone flight.

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