Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Here I am Rune
Distance 19.9 miles
Total 2798 Locks  130 Tunnels
Running total mileage 3912.1 miles 

Today’s trip covered the bit that I have been wary of from the outset, re-entering Selby Lock off the Ouse on an outgoing tide. As with most things, the anticipation was a lot worse than the reality although in fairness I had chosen the perfect conditions to do it, neap tide and not a lot of fresh water coming down the river. I knew that provided the boat speed coming on the tide didn’t go above 8mph (on 1600rpm) then I’d have enough power to get into the lock, and the boat speed never went above 6.5mph so I had quite a lot of power to spare. Now I’ve found out what it is like getting into these locks, the next test is to go down to the River Derwent, about 6 miles further downstream. The relevance is that it needs the same procedure to get into that lock as well, turning into the ebbing tide and steering into the lock. Having now done it once I have slightly more confidence to do it a second time, all we now need is clearance from the lock-keeper to be able to go down tomorrow evening, I’ve been advised to call him in the morning to see if it is possible, if not then Friday remains another option.

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