Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Bostock (Bramble Cuttings)

Here I am Rune
Distance 7.6 miles
Total 2942 Locks  148 Tunnels
Running total mileage 4252.4 miles

We eventually decided to stay at Anderton for a bit longer than originally intended, only moving on again this morning (driven by the fact we had 2 cassettes to empty and the water tank to fill!). Having spoken with a couple of boaters at Anderton I discovered I was going the long way around to get to Northwich to do any necessary shopping. When I originally checked Google maps it didn’t seem to show any direct routes into town so I initially went down the main road. The far more preferable (and shorter by 3/4 mile) route is to go down through the country park. It was such a pleasant route that I’ve gone down it 3 times whilst we were moored, twice just for a walk and once to go swimming and do some shopping.

Since the best of the weather was forecast for today we have cruised back to Bramble Cuttings intending to go into Middlewich tomorrow with the weekend shop on Friday morning.

We passed this little chap  on the, decided he was a Kestrel (or perhaps a Buzzard!)

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