Friday, 5 May 2017


Here I am Rune
Distance 1.1 miles
Total 2504 Locks  121 Tunnels
Running total mileage 3490.4miles 

Blacking is now completed and new anodes fitted so we are back on our way again. We chose to do a short hop back to Foxton since that is a bit closer to Market Harborough for us to cycle back to get the weekend shopping. 

Coming back towards Foxton from Harborough I did my good deed for the day which contained a small measure of humour. As I biked up the hill out of Harborough an elderly gent drove past me in some sort of small Nissan car, the engine was doing about 75mph but sadly the car itself was barely travelling faster than I was on my bike. Judging by the smell in the air his clutch was on its way out but revving the engine like that wasn’t really helping. There was a short level section where he managed to accelerate away from me but I caught up with him at the next roundabout where the clutch had clearly failed completely on the exit of the roundabout. I stopped to offer to push his car off the road, which he accepted. We started to go back downhill towards Harborough to which the elderly gent seemed quite pleased and said, ”It goes alright in reverse doesn’t it”, to which I pointed out that it was probably because of gravity and the fact that I was pushing it! We managed to get the car off the road and left him calling out his breakdown company on his mobile phone.

Now fully stocked up for the weekend we can continue on towards Leicester tomorrow.

RUNE nicely blacked up and with the new anode.

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