Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Kingswood Junction

Here I am Rune
Distance 2.1 miles
Total 2431 Locks  117 Tunnels
Running total mileage 3423.6 miles 

Not a lot of distance today but quite a lot of work, 19 locks to be precise. Sadly, being narrow locks, it isn’t possible to team up with another boat to work them, it’s a shame because there was another boat in front of us making passage through the locks and they seemed pretty competent. They are in a bit more of a rush than us though since they wanted to do the Lapworth Flight and start on the Hatton flight today whereas we were happy to complete the Lapworth flight leaving Hatton for another day.

Not sure yet what the plan will be, whether we travel only as far as the top of the Hatton tomorrow and go down on Thursday or carry on and do the whole lot, all rather depends on what the weather forecast is over the next couple of days.

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