Friday, 17 March 2017

Brierley Hill (Merry Hill)

Here I am Rune
Distance 4 miles
Total 2410 Locks  112 Tunnels
Running total mileage 3404.9 miles 

Bumble Hole Country Park doesn’t seem to be the mooring it once was. Last time we were here we moored for a couple of days in a pleasant country park but now it seems that the local ‘yoof’ have taken an interest in the boats. Following the banging on the outside of the boat at about 9.15pm last night we were woken up this morning by someone re-mooring our boat, having been cast adrift during the night. Not a great problem just an irritation but a couple of incidents on just one overnight stay doesn’t encourage longer stays there. The dog walker who woke us up to tell us we had been cast adrift said that the local idiots had caused problems for other boaters and she wouldn’t recommend mooring there, shame really.

Today was a short trip to Merry Hill, another place we had moored at on a few previous occasions. I did recall last time mooring in the basin only to be kept awake by music from a bar until about 2am. This time we went into the basin, turned around, and reversed out onto the embankment that overlooks the retail park in the hope of a quieter night. Having subsequently walked back to the basin, the Sports Bar that had kept us awake has now gone just leaving a Weatherspoons and a Marstons pub there. I don’t know what the problem is with Merry Hill since it looks as though it has great potential but, as you walk through, most of the units are empty. Even the retail park didn’t seem to be exactly thriving, we’ll see how busy it gets tomorrow, on a Saturday.

Not sure how long the plan is to remain here but it will be Monday at the very least.

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