Sunday, 1 April 2018


Here I am Rune
Distance  8.2 miles 
Total 3057 Locks  160 Tunnels
Running total mileage 4473.6 miles

Once again made good progress today, getting further along our route than the original plan required. We were taking advantage of reasonably good weather today since tomorrow is still forecast for lots of rain for most of the day. In the normal course of events it would be a day to moor up, but since we are on something of a schedule to get to Fazelely it will be necessary to put on the waterproofs and plug on for a bit. The barest minimum will be to bridge 42 but since that is only 5 miles away we may press on a bit further.

Only cruising point of interest today was the fact that we passed through the lock I got stuck in the entrance of last time we came through, Tyrley Lock number 5 for future reference. I can now see where I got it wrong last time as I had tried to go into the lock at normal lock entry speed whereas the way to do it is to go in at full throttle. It feels odd going into a lock like that but it is necessary to get through the by-wash that flows strongly at right angles at the entry.

This is the section where I got trapped by the by-wash last time.

A pretty impressive cutting on the canal, cut by hand in the days before JCB's!

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