Tuesday, 3 April 2018


Here I am Rune
Distance  10.8 miles 
Total 3058 Locks  161 Tunnels
Running total mileage 4491.8 miles

Although I said yesterday that we’d press on beyond Bridge 19 at Wheaton Aston, and that is what we did, I’d rather that we hadn’t needed to do so since the weather today has been best described as wet. This wasn’t how it was forecast since there was supposed to have been a spell of rain about 10am and then the rest of the day brightening up; what we got was repeated April showers throughout the day. The other factor ‘encouraging’ us to go further was the Sanitary Station at Wheaton Aston was out of use, so we will need to press on Gailey to empty the Elsan. I’d rather not arrive there with 3 full cassettes since if there is a problem there it could get awkward as the next station is six locks further up the canal at Penkridge.

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