Thursday, 16 February 2017


Here I am Rune
Distance 2.5 miles
Total 2287 Locks  102 Tunnels
Running total mileage 3324 miles 

After a very pleasant break in La Palma on the Canaries, we are back to the English winter and on the move again, albeit once again not very far. Since our next commitment isn’t until April/May when we get the boat blacked, we have some spare time to use so I think we’ll be heading off up towards Birmingham to cover the bits of canal there that we missed on our last visit (2 years ago).

Today’s trip just involved going through the Newbold tunnel to turn around and then back here to Brownsover Park where we could visit Tesco’s and restock our fridge and larder after our period away from the boat. A bit of domestic stuff tomorrow, refilling the water tank and emptying the elsan before we start making progress towards Birmingham.

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