Thursday, 1 December 2016


Here I am Rune
Distance 2.8 miles
Total 2252 Locks  94 Tunnels
Running total mileage 3180.4 miles 

After a reasonably productive week at Kilby Bridge we are back on the move again, back down the canal towards Foxton and ultimately Braunston. We will be in need of some coal within the next couple of weeks, and likewise we’ll also need to top up with diesel, both of which are best done in the region of Braunston. The coal is £9 per bag from Midland Chandlers and Calcutt marina seems to have the best price for the diesel.

Towards the latter end of our stay at Kilby Bridge there was some doubt as to whether we’d be able to leave since the temperature dropped and the canal froze over. Today however warmed up a bit and another boat left Kilby heading in the same direction as us so they broke up all the ice for us. Co-incidentally we have now moored for the night just behind them near to Wistow. 

The view looking out over the canal yesterday......

......and looking the other way......

.......and along the towpath

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