Thursday, 8 December 2016


Here I am Rune
Distance 9.1 miles
Total 2275 Locks  98 Tunnels
Running total mileage 3225.4miles 

Quite a good day’s travel even though it didn’t feel particularly exhausting but we’ve managed over 9 miles, 13 locks and 2 tunnels. I’m finding the tunnels quite curious at the moment. Passing through Husbands Bosworth tunnel on our way to Kilby Bridge there was a slight ‘tunnel mist’ inside such that you couldn’t see the exit until you were well into the tunnel. The only other place I’d come across that before was in the Harecastle tunnel when they switch the fans on and an instant fog develops. Well with the current weather conditions I’m now getting a tunnel mist in all of the tunnels. Entering Crick Tunnel I couldn’t see the exit until we were over 500 metres in and going into Braunston Tunnel it wasn’t possible to see the exit until I’d travelled over a kilometre into the tunnel, there was a point at about the halfway mark (900 metres) when it wasn’t possible to see either end of the tunnel! All a bit disconcerting.

Tomorrows plan is to stock up with coal, water up and then get the weekend shopping in before moving off towards Calcutt to refuel.

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