Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Saul Junction

Here I am Rune
Distance  4.3 miles 
Total 3375 Locks  185 Tunnels
Running total mileage 4857.7 miles

After some debate as to whether to move on or not, we finally decided to take a short hop down the canal here to Saul Junction, mainly because there is more to visit here than where we were moored. The intention will now be to stay here for a couple of days, move down to Sharpness on Thursday for the night, back to here on Friday and then return to where we were moored last night to stay for the weekend to see the Bore possibly on both Sunday and Monday.


  1. If you ask the lockie when you get back to Gloucester, and the bore is still occurring, he will tell you when to leave to get the benefit of the incoming water without getting caught in turbulence - it nearly doubled our speed on the way to Upper Lode lock for about half an hour. Hope you get a good view, our source wasn't very good on timing - if you moor at rea bridge, and walk to the river, the best spots are up-river along the footpath.

    1. Checking out the best spots to see the Bore was the main reason for stopping at Rea Bridge. I've checked out the spot you mean just up river from the sharp bend in the road where the footpath goes off. Directly opposite the farm halfway between Stonebench and the sharp corner is also pretty good, someone has cut back the vegetation to improve the view, and finally Stonebench itself looks another possibility. Sadly the 4* Bore is at night but the daytime one is still a 3* so should be reasonable.