Monday, 14 September 2020


Here I am Rune

Distance 2.9 miles

Total 4161 Locks  264 Tunnels

Running total mileage 6,398.9 miles


And now we are safely back into Northampton, hooked up onto a shoreline so no need to worry about the domestic alternator failure for a day or two. We’ll stay here for a while whilst we get repairs sorted out and then when we come to leave, the baptism of fire, having not done that much work on locks for the last couple of month, it’ll be up the 17 locks of the Northampton flight to get us back onto the main system.

It has been interesting having spent the (very hot) summer almost exclusively on rivers so it’ll be a change to be back onto narrow canals. Whilst the scenery has been good, albeit a bit flat, I think my preference is for canals over rivers, although being on a river did give the opportunity to go swimming, something I wouldn’t choose to do in a canal!


Saturday, 12 September 2020

Northampton Washlands

Here I am Rune

Distance 7.1 miles

Total 4158 Locks  264 Tunnels

Running total mileage 6,396 miles


Found a mooring on the Northampton Washlands Environment Agency moorings so here we are for the night. It is close to the main A45 Nene Valley Way so it isn’t a quiet mooring, it has quite a lot of traffic noise. This was the mooring I bailed out of using on the way down because there was a strong southerly wind and we’d have got on the moorings easily enough, but we’d never have got off them and turned quick enough to get into Weston Favel lock before being pushed ashore by the wind. Hoping there isn’t too much wind tomorrow when we come to leave.

Once again, a pleasant cruise on a picturesque piece of river, with the added frisson of some interesting wildlife, like a waterborne Grass Snake! Rather worryingly it was whilst we were in Whiston Lock and, whilst I was confident he wouldn’t be able to climb up the back of the boat, getting in through one of the drainage scuppers at the front was well within his ability. Kept an eye on him (and he was clearly keeping an eye on us) and when we left the lock he’d hidden himself in the gate.

The Grass Snake...... Whiston Lock


Tomorrow we should be into Northampton.


Friday, 11 September 2020

Great Doddington

Here I am Rune

Distance 4.6 miles

Total 4150 Locks  264 Tunnels

Running total mileage 6,388.9 miles


Didn’t really get as far as I was hoping, but decided to stop on Manor Farm FORN Moorings rather than risk going on to Hardwater Mill moorings and finding them full.


Stopped off in Wellingborough to pick up the weekend shop so we now have no real rush to get to Northampton before Monday when we intend to put into the marina to carry out some repairs amongst other things. Can’t really say Wellingborough has much to recommend it, although in fairness we only skimmed the outskirts. It doesn’t really sell itself viewed from the river since it has a fairly brutalist Wellington HMP overlooking the river.

For tomorrow we will just get as far as we feel we want to go, it is another section with not a lot of available moorings and we’re about 9 miles and 11 locks out of Northampton. Might stop at Northampton Washlands or Midsummer Meadows, although by the time we’ve reached the latter we are more or less in Northampton.